All clients attending Mike’s Gym Training Facility should be aware of and accept the risks involved. All clients are advised to seek medical advice from their GP before booking.

Your statutory rights are NOT affected by any of our terms and conditions.

A Contract of activity and service is made between Mike’s Gym Camp and the Client by the issue of a written confirmation of booking by Mike’s Gym Camp.

The Contract is subject to these booking conditions, which the Client has been deemed to have read and fully understood. These booking conditions can only be varied by written agreement between Mike’s Gym Camp and the Client.

No verbal representations made by Mike’s Gym Camp, shall be relied upon by the Client.

5. Reservations

5.1 To place a booking Mike’s Gym Camp we require a completed booking form and/or individual information form with a deposit fee. Clients booking by telephone or e-mail will have been deemed to have read the booking conditions and to sign the declaration on the ‘individual information form’. A booking is accepted and becomes binding only from the date when Mike’s Gym Camp has confirmed acceptance in writing by means of a ‘confirmation of booking e-mail’. Mike’s Gym Camp reserves the right to decline any booking at its discretion. Email and telephone bookings are treated as provisional and are only confirmed once the funds have cleared.

5.2 The balance of the fee is payable on arrival at the venue unless otherwise agreed with Mike’s Gym Camp. In the event that the balance is not paid Mike’s Gym Camp will have the discretion to treat the booking as cancelled unless otherwise informed.

Bookings are NOT transferable under any circumstances unless agreed, in writing; with Mike’s Gym Camp.

6. Liability

6.1 Clients shall be held responsible to make compensation for any damage they cause to the contents and furnishings of the premises during their stay, except for wear and tear.

6.2 Mike’s Gym Camp accepts no responsibility for the loss, damage or theft of personal possessions, which includes, but is not limited to, clothing passed to third party cleaners, clothing, jewelery or similar items of value, personal equipment or the like. All clients are advised to ensure that they are adequately insured against these events.

7. Cancellations, Refunds & Client Alterations

7.1 Upon booking a camp at Mike’s Gym Camp is it necessary to pay a deposit to secure your required date.

7.2 This deposit is non-refundable if the trip is cancelled but will be deducted from your total fee when full payment is made.

7.3 For group bookings, it is necessary to state numbers of people you wish to book for, at the time of the booking.

7.4 25% non-refundable deposit is payable upon reservation.

7.5 2 months before your arrival date 25% additional payment is due and final numbers must be confirmed. If numbers differ, this will not affect your deposit in any way. Deposit is only lost if a camp is completely cancelled.

Increased numbers are subject to availability. We will be holding a reserve waiting list. If places become available clients will be notified in the order listed. Confirmation and payment are due immediately to secure.

8. Meals

8.1 Included in the package prices are basic meals of breakfast, lunch and dinner.

If your camp has a specific menu they would like to follow, for example, Gluten Free, High Calorie or High Protein, this can be pre-arranged at an additional cost but must be pre-booked in advance.

8.2 Meals are non-refundable. If you decide to skip a meal or go out to eat this will not be refunded to you.

You have our full commitment, and we need yours in return, therefore we ask you to agree to our terms.