Ninja alley is our ever-growing indoor ninja playground where you can practice grip strength, tekkers and transitions. A wide variety of very cool toys and rigs from hand-bikes, to hamster wheels, to salmon ladders and peg boards. We also have an interchangeable training rig perfect for people wanting to practice their technique.

Our pool rig is probably our biggest spectacle here at Mikes Gym, a five-lane interchangeable rig across a swimming pool.  Here you can practice the flying monkey with distances from 1.5 meters to 3 meters, have a go at the ring traverse, a variety of rope traverses, bouldering grips, nunchucks, rings, traverse bars, ball grips and more. OCR lover or not, you will be dying to have a go on this rig the moment you get here and we can guarantee it will be the best rig you will ever play on.

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