Garth’s phenomenal strength and determination has taken him on a journey from fab to flab and back again and now sees him as king of the Combat Zone, reigning champion of Mike’s Assault Competition and an integral part the Mike’s Gym Team relay in the OCR World Championships where he competed in the strength section […]

The women’s champion. Girl power is her mantra and her strength and technical prowess are a force to be reckoned with. Current reigning champion of Mike’s Gym Summer Slaughter, The Assault and an integral part of the winning 24hr 3 man team event. Sorrel knows how to push and encourage herself and those around her. […]

The Man. The Myth. The Legend. This is Mike’s Gym, built by his hand and you play by his rules! It’s simple: Don’t Fuck About and Do It Like You Mean It!! A serial winner across a multitude of sports and a world record holder to boot, Mike only knows one way; 100% effort 100% […]