Sorrel Lewis : (AKA Spartansoz)

The women’s champion. Girl power is her mantra and her strength and technical prowess are a force to be reckoned with. Current reigning champion of Mike’s Gym Summer Slaughter, The Assault and an integral part of the winning 24hr 3 man team event. Sorrel knows how to push and encourage herself and those around her. Her passion for fitness and OCR is infectious and her determination and tenacity is just as inspiring, so she is sure to extract the very best out of you.

Sorrel placed 5th overall in Europe’s Toughest Mudder completing 55 km in the 8-hour time cap, and as a result, qualified as an elite competitor for World’s Toughest Mudder. After just one year of competing, Sorrel also qualified and competed in the OCR World Championships finishing 5th in the world in her age category and was the fastest UK female across all divisions. Her natural ability across the rigs made her the ideal choice for the technical section of the OCR World Finals team relay race where Team Mike’s Gym finish 13th in the World Mixed Pro division.

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Fitness Instructing
Level 2 Certificate
Instruction Kettlebells
Instructing Suspended Movement Training
Instructing Circuit Training
Personal Training
Outdoor PT and Bootcamps
  • Personal Training 100 %
  • Technical Ability 100 %
  • Diet & Nutrition 100 %

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Eat. Sleep. Train. Repeat.

Garth's phenomenal strength and determination has taken him on a journey from fab to flab and back again and now sees him as king of the Combat Zone, reigning champion of Mike's Assault Competition and an integral part the Mike's Gym Team relay in the OCR World Championships where he competed in the strength section helping us take 13th place in the Pro mixed team division.

Garth competed as both county level cricketer and national champion swimmer training up to 4 hours a day, 7 days a week then on moving to Spain in his 20s he fell out of fitness and rose to a weighty 135 kg through a mixture of bad living and self-neglect. He finally took back control and with dedication and hard work, dropped a massive 45 kg back to 90kg in 18 months. His spectacular journey is a massive source of inspiration making his training and advice not only relevant but a proven practice, because it’s a given that the best trainers and educators are the ones who can lead by example, having been on the same journey themselves.

Garth is a qualified as a Remedial Masseur and Sports injury therapist, training at the highly regarded Northern Institute of Massage, he can put you through your paces during your training sessions and also help with your recovery. His knowledge and experience coupled with his expert teaching skills are highly regarded and have helped many surpass their fitness goals. Follow Garth on FacebookInstagram and YouTube.
The Man. The Myth. The Legend. This is Mike's Gym, built by his hand and you play by his rules! It’s simple: Don’t Fuck About and Do It Like You Mean It!! A serial winner across a multitude of sports and a world record holder to boot, Mike only knows one way; 100% effort 100% of the time. This is his own personal work ethic and he expects the same in return. Failure is an option, giving up is not! He’ll lead by example and motivate you to give it your all. With 20 years’ experience, he has a never-ending wealth of knowledge and expertise, and will always on hand in the gym to answer any questions or simply pass on valuable information that will help you become a fitter, stronger athlete. Mike doesn’t just talk the talk, he walks the walk too and expects that same standard from all at Mikes Gym. He is a massive source of inspiration to everyone he meets and has the ability push you to zones you never imagined possible, whilst having fun doing it. You won't know what hit you.